Stuart Loughridge

Set Up: Brushes, Pencil, Jars

Stuart Loughridge
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Duration:   11  mins

Though painting with gouache on cardboard is specifically designed to be low stress and an enjoyable experience, there are a few points that will need some attention before you dive in. Artist Stuart Loughridge covers what you will need to know before brush gets to canvas.

First, a palette is essential. Stuart prefers a glass palette. It does not need to be expensive, but it does need to be large because gouache spreads out a lot. Paper towels will need to be on hand to clean up the palette and brushes. Also have a couple bowls of water at the ready, one for dirty brushes, one for clean water pulls. When it comes to brushes you’re essentially looking for ones that are already pretty ragged because gouache painting can be rough on them. Stuart discusses why he likes three sizes of brushes in his mix- small, medium, and large. He likes to loosely draw the composition and large shapes onto the cardboard with a couple different hardnesses of pencil and a charcoal pencil along with an eraser. There are no specific materials that he prefers, it’s just about the way of working.

You’ll want to keep your palette wet, so Stuart keeps a spray bottle full of water nearby. Gouache dries quickly and you’ll definitely want to be prepared. And, since you’ll be using all of this water you’ll want to protect any surfaces that may be vulnerable to it. This process is messy, but fun and relaxing. So get your materials together and get started!

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One Response to “Set Up: Brushes, Pencil, Jars”

  1. Jillian Cremeans

    I also use blue shop paper towels & Viva! I used to joke that Viva were discounted wash clothes, haha. And that's exactly how I use them as well.

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