Mary P. Murphy

How to Create Texture with Watercolor

Mary P. Murphy
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Duration:   22  mins

Expand your repertoire of advanced watercolor painting techniques to infuse your work with interest and excitement! Watercolor artist and instructor Mary P. Murphy will show you how to approach watercolor in a way that takes experimentation and spontaneity to a whole new level. You’ll never believe how many basic household items have the potential to become essential secret weapons in your painting practice!

In the first part of this lesson, Mary will show you how she uses a variety of surprising materials, from credit cards to table salt, to add texture and visual interest to any watercolor painting. And that’s just the beginning—through this new lens, you’ll begin to see creative potential in all sorts of unexpected items. In the second part of this lesson, Mary puts these techniques into practice as she paints a wildflower scene near her home. Mary continues to encourage an innovative approach to watercolors by showing you how to incorporate other water-soluble media with your watercolor paintings, including pencils, crayons, and graphite.

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