• 7:50

    Using Inspriation Photos to Sketch Floral Arrangements

    Artist Mia Whittemore finds sketching flowers from photos to be a great artistic warmup. Mia collects photos of flowers and leaves that inspire her and prints them out so she has them handy for reference. In her drawing warmup, Mia mixes flowers and leaves from…

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  • 30:20

    Rendering the Cheek

    While the cheek area might seem simple to draw, artist Savannah Tate Cuff demonstrates how to draw this portion of a portrait drawing with nuance and anatomical accuracy. Beginning with a look at her model skull, she points out the important zygomatic bone, the structure…

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  • 35:27

    Rendering the Mouth

    Continuing her portrait drawing of a live model, artist Savannah Tate Cuff is ready to render, or model, the mouth. Her block-in phases are complete, and she’s added shading to the forehead, eyes, and nose. The corners of the mouth are already established, aligning vertically…

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  • 1:05:51

    Finishing A Floral Still Life

    You’ve done the block-in and impression phases of a floral still life — now complete your artwork with artist Katie Liddiard’s guidance. Katie begins by oiling out the painting, reviving color and depth with a thin layer of one part medium to three parts mineral…

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  • 53:42

    Building The Impression In A Floral Still Life

    With initial washes blocked in for your floral still life, you’re ready for the next step. Artist Katie Liddiard guides you in building the impression in the painting, an intermediate stage of painting that brings your flowers to life by carving and shaping flat versions…

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  • 36:54

    How to Paint Different Types of Clouds

    Go cloud-gazing with artist and instructor Kathleen Moore and learn about all different types of clouds, watching the way their appearance varies from the horizon to the heavens. After showing you how to identify between different types of clouds, Kathleen shows you the tried-and-true materials…

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  • 29:35

    Portrait Prep: How to Diagram a Face

    Students of portraiture know that an understanding of anatomy is important for creating a structurally sound, believable likeness, but with so much information out there it can be overwhelming trying to figure out how to begin your study of this important topic. In this lesson,…

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  • photorealistic drawing of a young girl's face

    Guidelines for Painting Facial Features

    You’ve done the hard work of finding your big proportions, and your portrait is well on it’s way to completion… all that’s left is the last round of painting on the facial features! If you’re nearing the final stage of your painting and looking for…

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  • 40:37

    Blocking In A Flower Still Life

    Blocking in is the foundational work of a painting. Join artist Katie Liddiard as she demonstrates how to block in a floral still life in a way that will free you to paint confidently. Katie begins with her still life arranged and envisions the final…

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