• 6:58

    Choosing And Using a Measuring Tool

    Accurately capturing the original source material in the initial sketch is paramount for many artists. A simple measuring tool can help do that, says artist Mackenzie Swenson. You don’t need a ruler, the measuring done here is about translating what your eye sees onto paper,…

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  • 3:16

    Cleaning And Storing Brushes

    You’ve invested a lot in your oil painting brushes, and one of the best ways to maintain them is to keep them clean, says artist Katie Liddiard. Follow Katie’s step by step process for keeping your brushes in tip-top shape to last many years, if…

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  • 1:37

    Toning A Canvas

    Toning a canvas for oil painting means creating an initial thin layer of fairly neutral color on the canvas that will be underneath your painting so no white canvas shows through. It’s one of the most important foundational steps you’ll learn as an artist, and…

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  • 4:47

    Setting up a Model at Home

    Transform any space into a life drawing studio with a model and a basic understanding of universal lighting principles. Artist Savannah Tate Cuff shows you how to adapt these principles to your space to light both your model and your drawing or painting surface. Consider…

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  • painting of flowers

    Using a Mirror to Improve Your Drawing

    Are you working on a painting that just isn’t moving forward as you’d hoped it would, even if it’s a painting of a subject that you love? According to artist and instructor Katie Liddiard, it probably isn’t the painting’s fault — you just need a…

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  • shades of black and gray paint on paper

    Mixing Black in Oil Paint

    Many artists insist that they never use black straight from the tube. It might seem like an odd rule to follow, but artist Katie Liddiard explains why you might want to do the same, and how you can achieve deeper, richer darks by mixing them.…

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  • 1:40

    Varnishing an Oil Painting

    “You’ve completed a beautiful, carefully rendered oil painting that you’re proud of — congratulations! Now there’s just one final and essential step, and that’s varnishing the painting for a last layer of protection after it’s completely dry. Artist Katie Liddiard demonstrates this easy process that…

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  • 5:08

    Oil Painting Colors for Painting Flowers

    Flowers give us some of nature’s most beautiful colors, but as an artist, capturing those colors isn’t always easy. Artist Katie Liddiard shares her tips for a palette that will set you up for success and joy in painting flowers with vivid, vibrant tones. Working…

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  • 6:19

    How to Transfer a Drawing

    Transferring a drawing to new paper or canvas is a key technique that allows you to make an initial drawing on a less expensive paper and explore your subject before moving on to a final substrate. Artist Savannah Tate Cuff demonstrates her favorite methods for…

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