Mia Whittemore

Floral Illustration: Painting Base Colors

Mia Whittemore
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Duration:   19  mins

Bring beautiful blooms into your home, one brushstroke at a time! Work along with artist and illustrator Mia Whittemore and learn how to build up the foundational colors for stunning floral illustrations. While it may seem like a simple thing, painting large areas of a composition with base colors can actually be one of the trickiest stages in the illustration process.

To begin, Mia will show you how she goes about selecting and creating the colors that will set the palette for the illustration. Through a process of strategically moving through different areas of her painting, Mia will show you every step of the way how to achieve a seamless surface that has striking graphic impact. Watch how Mia mixes colors as she goes, balancing consistency with subtle hue changes that give both unity and nuanced variation to her illustrations. Along the way, Mia shares strategic tips on how to select the right brush for the area you’re working on, keep colors organized on your palette, and balance neutral colors with vibrant colors for sophisticated compositional impact.

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