Kateri Ewing

Watercolor Methods: Color Mixing

Kateri Ewing
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Duration:   21  mins

Discover the magic of color mixing with watercolors! Watercolor paint is known for its unique transparent, luminous, and spontaneous properties. However, when starting your watercolor journey, it can seem nearly impossible to corral this free-flowing medium into alignment with the vision you have for your artwork. In this video, join artist and expert instructor Kateri Ewing as she breaks down everything you need to know to better predict and mix the shades you want, while still making space for the free, expressive qualities that make watercolor so enchanting.

First, learn how to work with a split primary palette with warm and cool colors that create a whole spectrum of hues. Follow Kateri’s step-by-step instructions for essential but fun exercises, including a color wheel, color charts, and value scales. Finally, learn how glazing with watercolors can bring unparalleled vibrancy and depth to your work, giving you a gorgeous stained-glass effect than can only be created through creating layers of paint. With this thorough understanding of color mixing, you’ll be able to take advantage of the full range of effects watercolor has to offer!

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