Peter John Reid

Using Watercolor Techniques with Acrylic Paint

Peter John Reid
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Duration:   18  mins

Where does acrylic stop and watercolor begin? The line between water-based media gets blurred as you explore this fun technique! In this video, artist and instructor Peter John Reid uses acrylic paints diluted with water for a flowing effect on canvas or watercolor paper. He shows you how using a spray bottle and these diluted acrylic paints can even achieve a look similar to airbrushing! As he works from a reference photo, you’ll see how Peter builds form and depth on the surface of his painting using layers of this spray bottle technique to depict a canopy of trees.

Incorporating the watercolor method will infuse your work with an effortless vibrancy of color and texture, creating tree canopies with ease. If you’re working on paper, Peter demonstrates at the end of the lesson how to mount and seal your finished painting on a wood panel using acrylic gel medium. This is an excellent option for presentation or simply creating a sturdier surface that protects your work from being damaged.

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