Anna Mason

How to Paint a Peach in Watercolor

Anna Mason
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Duration:   38  mins

In the texture-rich world of fruits, peaches are in a class of their own—delicate and juicy, with a uniquely fuzzy surface, they delight our senses and provide an excellent subject for any aspiring still life artist! In this lesson, follow along with watercolor artist and instructor Anna Mason as she guides you through her process for painting a peach, using a combination of delicate washes and finely detailed brushstrokes.

Anna provides clear, concise instructions every step of the way so you can bring luminous vibrancy into your very own peach painting. To get started, Anna shows you how to build layers of light, dark, and mid-tone washes. This can require a bit of patience, but the result is worth the wait. Once you’ve built up this solid base, you’ll create that characteristic fuzzy texture by adding in small brush strokes in high contrast. In the last stage, you’ll give your peach a unifying wash and a few final touches to bring your painting to completion.

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