Stuart Loughridge

Sketch Packing

Stuart Loughridge
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Duration:   4  mins

Artist Studart Loughridge discusses carrying sketchbooks, packing them for going outside, and the best ways to do that in different bags. His pocket book specifically for drawing is packed away into a pocket or small shoulder bag with some water and bottle cap along with a paper towel and small palette for mixing pigment. The setup is simple because he can just use one hand to hold the sketchbook while he draws with the other while he sketches. It’s easy to stand or sit with this sketchbook, but sitting allows for easier pigment mixing.

For larger kits and longer walks Stuart prefers a medium sized backpack or larger day pack. His medium pack is a stool pack that has a stool attached to the back of the backpack for sitting. He advises a towel to put on top to avoid soreness. He packs a bottle of water, paper towels, sketch kit, pencil sketch kit, lunch, and a board to protect his items from getting damaged. For even longer walks, he needs a heavier internal frame pack that is easy on the shoulders and back. It has an upper and bottom pack as well as tripod attachments on the side.

In the bottom, he packs a jacket and umbrella and in the upper pack he has paper in a Ziploc back with a sketchbook to keep them from getting messed up in the pack or away from any water leaks. His sketch kit is in a day planner, also in a ziplock. His homemade tripod top and some cardboard to create separation is also in there. He also packs his Dr. Ph Martin’s bleedproof white and paper towels, of course. Everything slides back in quickly without bending anything with them all in ziplocks. It’s easy storage, easy transportation, and everything stays safe.

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