Patricia Watwood

How to Capture Form in Your Drawings

Patricia Watwood
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Duration:   18  mins

A fundamental building block of drawing is an artist’s ability to articulate the 3D quality of an object, accurately describing its sculptural qualities to the viewer. This pursuit is both challenging but also extremely rewarding when achieved, and as an artist continues to practice this process it becomes increasingly intuitive. In this lesson, artist and instructor Patricia Watwood guides you through her method for capturing form so that even the beginning student of drawing can understand and start to practice using this concept in his or her work.

First, Patricia demonstrates her approach to analyzing light and shadow as it relates to the subject, showing a variety of lighting situations including frontal, three-quarter, and side lighting. Patricia shows how to use that information when drawing with charcoal to emphasize sculptural dimension. As you go through different methods to block in and refine form, you’ll see how paying special attention to the quality of your contours and gradations can bring a level of realism to your drawings you never thought possible!

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