• 7:50

    Using Inspriation Photos to Sketch Floral Arrangements

    Artist Mia Whittemore finds sketching flowers from photos to be a great artistic warmup. Mia collects photos of flowers and leaves that inspire her and prints them out so she has them handy for reference. In her drawing warmup, Mia mixes flowers and leaves from…

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  • 1:05:51

    Finishing A Floral Still Life

    You’ve done the block-in and impression phases of a floral still life — now complete your artwork with artist Katie Liddiard’s guidance. Katie begins by oiling out the painting, reviving color and depth with a thin layer of one part medium to three parts mineral…

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  • 53:42

    Building The Impression In A Floral Still Life

    With initial washes blocked in for your floral still life, you’re ready for the next step. Artist Katie Liddiard guides you in building the impression in the painting, an intermediate stage of painting that brings your flowers to life by carving and shaping flat versions…

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  • 40:37

    Blocking In A Flower Still Life

    Blocking in is the foundational work of a painting. Join artist Katie Liddiard as she demonstrates how to block in a floral still life in a way that will free you to paint confidently. Katie begins with her still life arranged and envisions the final…

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  • 19:15

    Floral Illustration: Painting Base Colors

    Bring beautiful blooms into your home, one brushstroke at a time! Work along with artist and illustrator Mia Whittemore and learn how to build up the foundational colors for stunning floral illustrations. While it may seem like a simple thing, painting large areas of a…

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  • watercolor painting of a peach

    How to Paint a Peach in Watercolor

    In the texture-rich world of fruits, peaches are in a class of their own—delicate and juicy, with a uniquely fuzzy surface, they delight our senses and provide an excellent subject for any aspiring still life artist! In this lesson, follow along with watercolor artist and…

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  • photorealistic drawing of a woman with a horse

    How to Draw Fabric & Leather With Colored Pencil

    Often, materials like fabric and leather play a supporting role in our work—maybe it’s the tablecloth in a still life, or a leather jacket on a portrait model. Whatever the case, it’s easy to brush over these elements when they’re not the star of the…

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  • photorealistic drawing of a motorycle

    How to Draw Metallic Texture With Colored Pencil

    Gleaming metallic surfaces have captured the attention of artists throughout history. Seeing those shining surfaces jump off the page is a magical experience, and something that you, too, can have in work with the right guidance! If you want to bring realistic metallic textures to…

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  • sketchbooks on a desk

    Choosing & Using Sketchbooks

    Discover the joy that sketching can offer and see how a regular a sketchbook practice can improve your skills by leaps and bounds! Your instructor, sketch artist Paul Heaston, provides an overview of his favorite sketchbook and media choices so you can choose the materials…

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