Painters Guide to Canvases


Item: U9006F


Choosing the right canvas can be a tricky subject—do I want to work big or small? Should I use standard or could I try something more custom? Should I buy my canvas ready from the art store or try and stretch my own? In this 18-page downloadable PDF, artists and experts Jessie Oleson Moore and Paul Heaston take you through these questions and more!

First, learn about standard sizing and the pros and cons around buying pre-stretched canvases. Then you’ll get detailed step-by-step instruction for exactly how to stretch and prime your own canvases if you decide that’s the better option for your artistic needs. You’ll also learn about when you may be better off opting to use canvas paper—a far cheaper surface that can be a great choice for studies or testing out new painting skills. Finally, Jessie Oleson Moore shares her top 8 tips for painting on canvas. Never second-guess your canvas choices again!