How to Draw Animals


Item: U9003F


Animal lovers, what could be better than using your artistic talents to honor your furry companions? Artist and expert Antonella Avogadro takes you through her step-by-step process for drawing 7 different animals. Antonella demystifies the process of creating beautiful pencil drawings of animals over the course of 23 pages filled with detailed instructions and photographs in this downloadable PDF guide.

Starting with easy-to-follow steps for drawing a dog, you’ll learn to block in basic shapes and proportions, clean up your drawing, add shading and details, mimic the texture of fur, and adding finishing touches and details in the eyes, ears, and snout. Continue to use and refine this general process as you adapt these essential steps for drawing a cat, bunny, bird, hamster, horse, and cow. With this guide, no animal is beyond your abilities as you master the skill of drawing animals in pencil!