Coloring With Copic Markers


Item: U9000F


Copic markers are an excellent way to bring bold, graphic pop into your crafting and illustration, but choosing the right colors can be overwhelming… what do all those letters and numbers mean? In this 25-page downloadable PDF guide, artist Michele Boyer shares her expertise with you through detailed, easy-to-understand instructions across 5 different tutorials, equipping you to get the most out of this striking and high-impact medium.

To start, Michele clearly breaks down everything you need to know to choose the right copic markers (and paper!) for your project. Once you’re familiar with the materials, Michele takes you step-by-step through a variety of techniques for shading and blending. You’ll then learn how to create eye-popping cards on kraft paper… and easily fix mistakes! In the final tutorial, you’ll be guided through using copic markers with Colorless Blender Solution to achieve the stunning “watercolor look” in your drawings and illustrations.