• 30:20

    Rendering the Cheek

    While the cheek area might seem simple to draw, artist Savannah Tate Cuff demonstrates how to draw this portion of a portrait drawing with nuance and anatomical accuracy. Beginning with a look at her model skull, she points out the important zygomatic bone, the structure…

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  • 35:27

    Rendering the Mouth

    Continuing her portrait drawing of a live model, artist Savannah Tate Cuff is ready to render, or model, the mouth. Her block-in phases are complete, and she’s added shading to the forehead, eyes, and nose. The corners of the mouth are already established, aligning vertically…

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  • 29:35

    Portrait Prep: How to Diagram a Face

    Students of portraiture know that an understanding of anatomy is important for creating a structurally sound, believable likeness, but with so much information out there it can be overwhelming trying to figure out how to begin your study of this important topic. In this lesson,…

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  • photorealistic drawing of a young girl's face

    Guidelines for Painting Facial Features

    You’ve done the hard work of finding your big proportions, and your portrait is well on it’s way to completion… all that’s left is the last round of painting on the facial features! If you’re nearing the final stage of your painting and looking for…

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  • 21:00

    Rendering the Neck

    Moving on to the neck area in her portrait drawing from a live model, artist Savannah Tate Cuff begins with a look at the anatomy of the neck. The most important muscle in the neck is the sternocleidomastoid, a large muscle originating at the clavicle…

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  • 12:41

    Rendering the Nose

    With her portrait drawing partially completed through the steps of the flat block-in, three-dimensional block-in, and rendering (also called modeling) of the forehead and eyes, artist Savannah Tate Cuff is ready to render the nose. Savannah begins by explaining the basic planes of the nose,…

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  • 36:52

    Rendering the Eye

    After blocking in her portrait drawing of a live model, artist Savannah Tate Cuff begins the rendering phase with the left eye (the model’s right eye). Rendering, also called modeling, is adding shading to a linear block-in to bring the portrait to life. Savannah begins…

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  • 20:30

    Rendering the Forehead

    Foreheads are distinctive features that can enhance the likeness in a portrait drawing. Artist Savannah Tate Cuff demonstrates how she renders the forehead after completing the block-in phases. Rendering, also called modeling, is adding shading to a linear block-in. With a skull, Savannah points out…

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  • 2:55

    Simplified Portrait Structure/Useful Landmarks

    Although each face is different, there are identifiable landmarks in human anatomy that can be helpful for artists. Beginning with skull structure, artist Savannah Tate Cuff takes us through key points that will help you establish your portrait drawing. First, Savannah notes that while these…

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