• 3:32

    Glazing And Scumbling in Oil Paint

    When you find yourself looking twice at a painting you thought was done, spotting areas you wish were brighter or warmer, there are two classic techniques that can give you a second chance. Artist and instructor Katie Liddiard says that glazing and scumbling can be…

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  • 3:24

    Oiling Out

    As a new oil painter, you might have the experience of enjoying a day of painting, thinking your work looks good, and then returning the next day to a canvas that looks dull, hazy, and gray. It happens to everyone, and artist Katie Liddiard is…

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  • 37:13

    Watercolor Methods: Paint Application

    Light up your world with watercolors! In this video, you’ll learn the secrets of unlocking two key ingredients for create stunning watercolor paintings: the wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry techniques. Join artist and expert instructor Kateri Ewing as she helps you master these two essential methods for…

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  • 18:52

    Using Watercolor Techniques With Acrylic Paint

    Where does acrylic stop and watercolor begin? The line between water-based media gets blurred as you explore this fun technique! In this video, artist and instructor Peter John Reid uses acrylic paints diluted with water for a flowing effect on canvas or watercolor paper. He…

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  • examples of different textures in watercolor

    How to Create Texture with Watercolor

    Expand your repertoire of advanced watercolor painting techniques to infuse your work with interest and excitement! Watercolor artist and instructor Mary P. Murphy will show you how to approach watercolor in a way that takes experimentation and spontaneity to a whole new level… you’ll never…

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  • watercolor brushstroke examples

    Learn Basic Brushstrokes for Watercolor Painting

    Build your watercolor confidence by mastering the fundamental brushstrokes with your instructor, watercolor artist Kateri Ewing. In this lesson, you’ll explore a number of mark-making techniques with two types of brushes: flat and round. Kateri demonstrates how to lift pigment, create sharp edges and make…

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