• 21:39

    Finding The “Abstract Gesture” To Start Any Drawing

    The moment you take your paper or canvas from “nothing” to “something” can be one of the hardest—and scariest—parts of the drawing process! Those first few lines say a lot, and they set the stage for the entire direction of your drawing or painting. At…

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  • 42:37

    How To Use Comparative Measurement

    When beginning to draw or paint representationally, one of the biggest struggles that artists encounter is how to get accurate proportions, tilts, and the overall look of what they’re aiming to create on their canvas or paper. Even artists with many years of experience can…

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  • 36:42

    Linear Portrait Block In: Phase II

    In portrait drawing, Phase 2 of the block-in moves from establishing the flat planes of the face to working in three-dimensional aspects. Follow artist Savannah Tate Cuff as she explains the process, and as her adjustments become more refined as the drawing evolves. Looking at…

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  • 1:01:46

    Linear Portrait Block In: Phase I

    In portrait drawing, the block-in is a detailed map or blueprint, a linear arrangement on a picture plane. Join Savannah Tate Cuff as she demonstrates blocking in a portrait drawing of a live model, with the goal of an accurate likeness and gesture. With several…

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