• 24:25

    Colored Pencil Color Basics

    Ready to dive into color? In this video you’ll join artist and instructor Susan Rubin for an introduction to fundamental color theory using one of the most easily accessible mediums—colored pencil. With Susan’s guidance, watch how just 6 colored pencils can unlock the entire spectrum…

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  • 10:59

    Mixing Colors that Match What You See

    In this lesson, watch as color mixing expert and instructor Scott Gellatly demonstrates putting color theory into practice by mixing up oil paints that exactly match the colors of a lemon and a blue-gray fabric. To start, Scott takes you through an easy-to-follow explanation of…

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  • 21:51

    Watercolor Methods: Color Mixing

    Discover the magic of color mixing with watercolors! Watercolor paint is known for its unique transparent, luminous, and spontaneous properties. However, when starting your watercolor journey it can seem nearly impossible to coral this free-flowing medium into alignment with the vision you have for your…

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