• 2:49

    How to Hold a Pencil the Artist’s Way

    Even though you’ve been holding pencils all your life, as an artist, you can achieve more by holding them using a specific technique. Artist Savannah Tate Cuff emphasizes that this simple shift is important, and she has plenty of pro tips to guide you. You’ll…

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  • 11:37

    Understanding Highlights

    When a drawing or painting catches our eye, an element that often grabs our attention is the highlight. Nothing adds visual sparkle quite like a well-placed gleam in the eye or reflection on a vase! However, for many artists, depicting this visual phenomenon can be…

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  • 52:44

    Understanding Form: Drawing A Sphere From Imagination

    In this lesson, artist and instructor Mackenzie Swenson shows you how to render a highly realistic sphere entirely based on logic and imagination! This kind of “conceptual drawing” is also known as “form drawing”, as it is a sculptural that uses an understanding of the…

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  • 20:42

    Instantly Improve Value Consistency in Pencil

    Level up your pencil handling to achieve stunning, nuanced results with a simple technique for improving value consistency. Artist and instructor Mackenzie Swenson walks you through mastering the skill of creating an extremely flat, even tone in pencil without using a blending tool. Practicing this…

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  • 40:55

    Visual Tricks to Improve Your Drawing

    You’ve done the initial hard work of setting up your drawing with a beautiful gesture and a solid scaffolding of measurements and proportions. How do you then add more detail and information without losing track of the big look? Mackenzie takes you through her five…

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  • 21:39

    Finding The “Abstract Gesture” To Start Any Drawing

    The moment you take your paper or canvas from “nothing” to “something” can be one of the hardest—and scariest—parts of the drawing process! Those first few lines say a lot, and they set the stage for the entire direction of your drawing or painting. At…

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  • 1:10:13

    Mixed Media Bouquet

    Paint floral bouquets and put together several different floral and botanical elements in any color you desire. Using several mediums — watercolor, gouache and colored pencils — and little imagination will allow for even more variety, says artist Mia Whittemore. Before starting her painting, Mia…

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  • 50:40

    Painting A Wreath

    Wreaths are a wonderful compositional form that are customizable in a variety of ways: different subjects, colors, and even lettering, says artist Mia Whittemore. When creating her wreath paintings, Mia likes to work from big to small, starting with the largest elements and then filling…

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  • 30:12

    Adding Patterns to Your Paintings

    Artist Mia Whittemore often creates patterns as a way to add texture and visual elements to paintings. Here, Mia demonstrates how she develops new patterns for use in her own work. First, Mia works on a beginner-friendly tossed repeat, where a single element is repeated,…

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