• 6:58

    Choosing And Using a Measuring Tool

    Accurately capturing the original source material in the initial sketch is paramount for many artists. A simple measuring tool can help do that, says artist Mackenzie Swenson. You don’t need a ruler, the measuring done here is about translating what your eye sees onto paper,…

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  • painting of flowers

    Using a Mirror to Improve Your Drawing

    Are you working on a painting that just isn’t moving forward as you’d hoped it would, even if it’s a painting of a subject that you love? According to artist and instructor Katie Liddiard, it probably isn’t the painting’s fault — you just need a…

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  • 6:19

    How to Transfer a Drawing

    Transferring a drawing to new paper or canvas is a key technique that allows you to make an initial drawing on a less expensive paper and explore your subject before moving on to a final substrate. Artist Savannah Tate Cuff demonstrates her favorite methods for…

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  • 3:32

    Understanding the Numbers and Letters on Pencils

    As you work with drawing pencils, you might wonder about what different numbers and letters indicate. A pencil with a B rating relates to the softness of the lead. The higher the number next to the B, the softer the lead. A 6B is softer…

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  • 9:37

    Sharpening Pencils and Charcoal

    As your drawing practice develops, you may find that everyday office pencil sharpeners just can’t give you the very sharp, fine point on pencils or charcoal that your drawings need for full expression. Instead, learn to sharpen points by hand using the traditional method of…

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  • 9:32

    Creating Custom Toned Paper for Drawing

    Why tone paper? Artist Savannah Tate Cuff tones paper, first, because the tone can help do the work of drawing, acting as a halftone between light and dark values. Second, toned paper allows you to highlight with white wash or white chalk. Third, custom toning…

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  • drawing with pen & ink

    Best Tools for Black & White Drawing

    Beautiful drawings require a strong command of your materials, and this lesson breaks down the essential drawing tools every artist should have. Artist and instructor Patricia Watwood begins with a comprehensive overview of different kinds of graphite and charcoal, followed by a demonstration of how…

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