• 7:50

    Using Inspriation Photos to Sketch Floral Arrangements

    Artist Mia Whittemore finds sketching flowers from photos to be a great artistic warmup. Mia collects photos of flowers and leaves that inspire her and prints them out so she has them handy for reference. In her drawing warmup, Mia mixes flowers and leaves from…

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  • woman drawing while sitting on front porch

    Making Drawing a Daily Practice

    Starting a new habit—especially a creative habit—can be intimidating, but with the right guidance anyone can make the daily practice of sketching a vibrant part of their life! Join artist Patricia Watwood as she takes you step-by-step through her approach to daily sketching. See how…

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  • 15:02

    Tips for Sketching on Location

    Pack your bag for the great outdoors as you employ Paul’s tips for sketching comfortably and quickly. You’ll learn what tools you’ll need and anticipate the creature comforts that will come in handy for sketching sessions before assessing your locations for light and shade. Next,…

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