• 36:54

    How to Paint Different Types of Clouds

    Go cloud-gazing with artist and instructor Kathleen Moore and learn about all different types of clouds, watching the way their appearance varies from the horizon to the heavens. After showing you how to identify between different types of clouds, Kathleen shows you the tried-and-true materials…

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  • 29:43

    How to Paint Trees, Shrubs, Grass & Mountains

    Capture the beauty of any natural scene you choose! In this lesson, join artist and instructor Nancy Ellen Thompson and learn foundational techniques for drawing landscapes in pencil with lifelike dimension, texture and detail. Nancy takes you through three demonstrations that show how she uses…

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  • acrylic painting of a lake

    How to Paint Choppy Water in Acrylic

    Water can take many different forms—ocean waves, calm ponds, rushing rivers, and more. Each form has a unique set of characteristics, and in this video artist and instructor Peter John Reid teaches you how to observe and paint choppy water. The energy and movement of…

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  • 23:34

    The Artist’s Approach to Trees

    We all know a tree when we see one, but if you’ve ever tried to draw or paint a realistic tree, you know—there’s a lot more to observe than you can catch at first glance! In this video, acrylic artist and author Peter John Reid…

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