Katie Liddiard

Varnishing A Painting

Katie Liddiard
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Duration:   5  mins

Varnishing a painting is the absolute final step in finishing an oil painting, ensuring that there is a protective layer between the elements and the painting. Join Katie Liddiard as she talks about why varnishing a painting is important, what not to do, and demonstrates exactly how to apply the varnish.

First things first, ensure that the painting is properly dried before applying varnish. It can be hard to wait for as long as varnish manufacturers recommend, but oil paint oxidizes instead of evaporates so it needs that time to breathe before this final step. With an old, scrubby brush Katie dips into the varnish and starts to brush it onto the painting. She iterates how little varnish is actually needed to protect the painting, but the importance of making sure that every inch is covered. After letting the varnish dry the painting is now properly protected and ready to go into a frame and off to the gallery.

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