Gerardo Escamilla

Storyboarding: Two More Tips

Gerardo Escamilla
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Duration:   8  mins

In this video we will work with tips to have in mind while storyboarding. Artist Gerardo Escamilla explains what those tips are. The first tip is to try to draw fast and energetically. Try not to focus on detail in the beginning. Focus instead on the overall expression of your character. He demonstrates what that means by drawing a football character right before he throws the ball and then draws the same character with more movement in the gesture. He adds detail and corrects any drawing issues on the second pass with a graphite pencil Then he lines the graphite with a black liner marker.

The second tip is to draw shape driven designs to accomplish readability. He demonstrates this tip by sketching a character in colored pencil walking on tiptoes, then draws the same character with more curved lines, indicating the character is being sneaky. Notice how the second drawing makes the character’s intentions much clearer.

Remember that drawing for a storyboard is not about the details but about telling a compelling story.

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