Show Us Your Project

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36 Responses to “Show Us Your Project”

  1. Gary Kotula

    Half of my life I’ve slowly become a desert rat; drawing and painting buttes, mountains, desertscapes and cowboys. I’ve found my ‘island in the sun’, amongst the coyotes, the horned lizards, cactus and sage.

  2. TRUDY

    My daughter in-law asked if I would make a painting of a photo she treasured. She said that she and my son were engaged on this beach.
    I painted this in acrylics. This is a photo of the painting, but unfortunately the photo has been cropped.

  3. Christina Burrall-Thompson

    WOW! Super-realistic life-Like detail, color, blending, etc! looks so perfect, like s photo!! amazing!

  4. Christina Burrall-Thompson

    Christina’s dog is marvelous! GREAT job with the fur coloration!

  5. Christina Burrall-Thompson

    i love this!! — the detail with all the branches is fantastic! what patience and attention to detail! 🤩

  6. ELLEN

    I thought I was saving this to my profile, so now I don’t know how to delete it, sorry

  7. Donna Barent

    Painted along with Shelby Dillon’s online class in 2022. Acrylic on canva paper.

  8. Brandi Greenes

    I’m working on a book in which I talk about monsters that I make up in my head and I need some advice on drawing them. Keep in mind I’m 13.

  9. Manon Bentley

    Working on a quick little sketch with Faber Castell Graphite 9000 on a 9×11 Strathmore Bristol Vellum paper. Loving the texture of the paper for this drawing.

  10. Paula Guy

    This colored pencil dog portrait is a surprise for my sister in law.
    It is colored pencil on pastelmat.

  11. Felixity Baker

    Watercolour on treated canvas!
    The Daniel Smith grounds for canvas to prime for watercolour, are good but I found the paint didn’t hold well to the canvas when layering. I did only use one layer on a pre primed canvas so maybe if I used a few layers of the Daniel Smith watercolour primer I would experience different results.