• 2:49

    How to Hold a Pencil the Artist’s Way

    Even though you’ve been holding pencils all your life, as an artist, you can achieve more by holding them using a specific technique. Artist Savannah Tate Cuff emphasizes that this simple shift is important, and she has plenty of pro tips to guide you. You’ll…

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  • 20:42

    Instantly Improve Value Consistency in Pencil

    Level up your pencil handling to achieve stunning, nuanced results with a simple technique for improving value consistency. Artist and instructor Mackenzie Swenson walks you through mastering the skill of creating an extremely flat, even tone in pencil without using a blending tool. Practicing this…

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  • 40:55

    Visual Tricks to Improve Your Drawing

    You’ve done the initial hard work of setting up your drawing with a beautiful gesture and a solid scaffolding of measurements and proportions. How do you then add more detail and information without losing track of the big look? Mackenzie takes you through her five…

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  • 18:12

    Drawing Techniques to Enhance Form

    Get inspired by the old masters and learn to combine the techniques of expressive line work and subtle gradients to create a believable and artistic sense of volume in your drawings.

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  • 17:58

    Avoiding the “Cartoon” Effect in Portrait Drawing

    Nothing is more frustrating than trying to draw a naturalistic portrait and instead creating a cartoon. If this struggle sounds familiar, join Mackenzie and learn to trouble-shoot some of the most common culprits of this issue, and how to avoid it!

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  • 13:44

    Sensitive Contours And Line Variation

    The contour is the line that shows the boundary of an object or person, sometimes called an “outline”. By paying attention to a few simple things you can bring interest and variety into the contours of your drawings!

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  • 2:58

    How To Quickly Clean a Messy Drawing

    Drawing often starts with blocking in, broad gestural movements, or other lightly sketched lines. Artist Mackenzie Swenson finds that whenever she starts a drawing, she quickly has lines that are obsolete, too dark, or even smudged on her paper from where her hand may have…

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  • 10:38

    Finishing a Pencil Portrait Drawing

    Artist Savannah Tate Cuff has nearly completed her portrait drawing of a live model under a single light source. After two blocking-in phases and modeling all of the features, she’s ready to finish the drawing with tips you can apply to your own drawing. This…

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  • 2:42

    Portrait Drawing: Finishing Touches

    It’s challenging to know when a drawing is finished and it’s time to step away, and for the artist, it can be hard to let go. Artist Savannah Tate Cuff shares her thoughts on when to stop with an example drawing made from a live…

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