Basic Studio Set-up and Organization

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Duration: 10:49

If you have been wondering what to put in your studio and where to put it then artist Nina Weiss is going to give you some tips to make your time in the studio feel easy.

The ideal situation would be one where you have a dedicated space for a studio, but that’s not always an option. Either way, it is helpful to have everything on wheels. Think about ergonomics, are you left or right handed, and move things around to be easily within reach. Palette, brushes, water, GAC, mister, paints, and paper towels should be all set up, ready to go before you start.

Nina prefers to stand at her easel instead of sitting at a table because the possibility of foreshortening is eliminated. She also uses her whole body and arm with her brush to paint which requires standing back.

Your table should be at a height that is comfortable for you to avoid strain.

Your easel may be wood or aluminum and will have an adjustment for your canvas. You want to place your canvas at arm height so you’re not looking down at it. Have some distance between yourself and your subject, lit with a single light source. If your easel is at the wrong angle to your subject you may find that you have to look around your easel to see it instead of just moving your eyes back and forth. You will always want to have a fixed point of view to your subject, not sitting down and standing up throughout the painting session.

Create an environment that makes you want to paint. Stand on a memory foam mat with comfortable shoes, maybe listen to music, and think about lighting. Daylight is best, but full spectrum lighting is good as well. Think about your clothes and if you’re comfortable in them and able to get paint on them.

Have fun painting, and remove your obstacles.

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