14 Day Beginner Series – Why Make Art

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Duration: 11:13
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53 Responses to “14 Day Beginner Series – Why Make Art”

  1. Angi Hillock

    I have been making art for most of my life with various stops and starts, crappy art and good art. Teaching off and on. McKenzie is just the right teacher for me to hear at this moment. I am loving what she has been saying. Such honesty, facts
    and just the perfect amount of fun.

  2. Nickole Meierotto

    I’m a seamstress by trade. I fable in a myriad of other crafts, including woodworking. When I was a child, I drew a little and painted a little, but didn’t take the opportunity to develop that skill as much as I wanted to. So now, in my 40s, I’m sitting down to try to develop this skill further. I would love to be able to share little snippets of my life in art form, where I know feelings abound.

  3. Jan

    I’m a quilter and crafter, but really want to learn to paint and expand my creative abilities.

    • Christie Fineman

      Hello from a fellow Wisconsinite! I grew up there but got smart at 26 yrs of age and moved to Florida. The weather is much more manageable. Looking forward to learning anything I can in this class. Very excited!!

  4. Diane McClelland

    I feel all is beautiful. I love to draw I love the paint on rocks and canvas and wood. But I’d like to learn more about it.

  5. Mary MacDonald

    I’ve been doing watercolor painting for a couple of years, following artists on YouTube. Now I’d like to learn how to draw my own objects.

  6. ArtUp Daily

    I want to understand how artworks were created.
    I also want to start another skill beside technology and engineering.

  7. Helena Chitty

    It is very difficult to think in painting like a phot look, I think is a unique process …

  8. Steve

    Have often wanted to do a painted rendition of photos I have taken, but have no training in the art of painting.

  9. Kimberly

    I have always had creative feelings inside of me, but have not had the courage to express them. I am hoping that this course will introduce me to mediums and techinques and that will inspire me to experiment.

  10. Siouxsie

    Interesting, looking forward to learning more. Thank you for such an engaging beginning.


    being now 71 yrs young, always had AND HAVE A Pssion to draw nd paint, at the age of 15 i had gotten a scolership to go to an art school, dad would not allow it.i was the oldest femle in the family. mom pass when i was 11. the passion never left my heart.

  12. Sunflower

    can’t wait to begin. I am ok at art but can’t make it look real or look exactly like what I am copying , so this will be perfect.

  13. joel robinet

    hello l am very happy to follow the artistic journez of 14day l have always been attrated by drawing

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