14 Day Beginner Series – Meet The Instructor

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Duration: 5:41
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91 Responses to “14 Day Beginner Series – Meet The Instructor”

  1. Mary Ellen Davis

    I’ve got all the supplies…I’m just afraid to start and I’m stuck. Hoping this will help.

  2. Doug

    Looking forward to get started. Because the referral came from a photography site I am interested in painting photographs so will see what happens.

  3. Janet Smith

    I’m a drawer. I would love to learn a to draw in depth on anything. I started out with cartoons. A few drawings of people but from a picture. I’m here to listen and learn. Thank you!!!!!


    Looking foward to learning portrait dawing and painting comming from a Atella i hope this class goes much deeper then 2 weeks.

  5. Helena

    I’m a beginner, so I’m looking foreward to see what happens. I’m so grateful to be here. Thanks

  6. Jacqueline

    just I want to learn different tips or different ways to paint and have a better results in my own work.

  7. Treva Brown

    At a young age, I became interested in both art and writing. After graduating high school, life got in the way and for about forty years, that was my focus. Now, for the past several years, I have time to do some of the things I wanted to do when I was young. So, here I am.

  8. Diane Ackley

    Started drawing a couple of years ago after my aunt, who was an artist, passed away. (I think I may be channeling her.) Hadn’t tried to draw before. Didn’t know I could. Now I’m looking forward to learning more and learning the “how to” of painting.

  9. Susan Bell

    Excited to start making art again. I have spent years with my supplies in a storage garage. Now when I finally get it out, it’s like a blank where to start. This will help I hope.

    • Janet Smith

      I understand. I started drawingbwhen I was around 6. My first drawing was of Fred Flintstone and barney rubble. Off a cereal box. I don’t remember any trials at that time but after my mom died I always fell back to drawing in times of distress. Went to schoolfor graphic design but didn’t finish. Had planned my life around that dream. I failed myself. But I still dream about what if. I still fall back to the love of my life. Don’t give up!! Keep going. That’s why we’re here. We are meant to be who we are!!!!

  10. Judy Lovrince

    I am definitely a beginner. I just don’t know where to start. I try and then for some reason I just give up again. I am hoping that you will inspire me to try again and give me some ground rules.


    Necesito refrescar mis aptitudes con práctica dirigida. Me interesa mucho la acuarela.


    I am excited to check out your courses. I signed up for a premium membership along with this 14 day course. I have always loved to draw and paint but I gave up years ago. Now that I am at the start of my golden years, I decided to come back and try again. Things are so much better for learning with the digital age. I am pumped to grow.

  13. Kenneth Isenhour

    I took some art classes at the community college about 13 years ago. I would like to learn more and improve my skills.

  14. Nikole Losik

    I have been painting and drawing for many years, still very ammature…. ready to learn

  15. Barb

    Thank you for this opportunity. I am a beginner acrylic painter and have also tried watercolor as well. Also a bit of drawing.

  16. Rita Hellmann

    No web site but want to learn more about your art n painting .
    Whst medium do u use in painting ? Rita Hellmann

  17. Deidre Jenkins

    Hopefully I will learn from this. Being a hands on learner is one thing, but I am slow to learn unless I can feel it and do it. Thank you for offering this!

  18. Donna

    I know very little about how to draw. Looking forward to learning. Thanks for the opportunity.

  19. Rupert

    Thanks very much for this special offer. I don’t have a website at the moment but I still hope to benefit from this outreach.
    Again , thanks !

  20. Gertrude

    I’m venturing into creating 3D figures for cake toppers. I struggle with the dimensions. To me this means art.

  21. Martha Strickland

    I can’t get to my supplies right now because we are remodeling part of our home, but I couldn’t miss this opportunity!

  22. Rebecca Edwards

    Great to meet you. Looking forward to the lessons. Thanks so much for sharing your skills

  23. Sabrina Folsom

    I am very excited to continue my art – Thank you so much for offering the share of your skills!

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