14 Day Beginner Series – How To Map Your Artistic Path

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Duration: 36:13
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11 Responses to “14 Day Beginner Series – How To Map Your Artistic Path”

  1. Brhody Wallis

    I found this helpful! Story is something I have in the back of my mind when trying to create, though I find that sometimes my Craft isn’t up to par in expressing the story I’m trying to tell so I end up doing more practise… all the while craving that creative oomph! It’s a tough road 😂 Thank you for the tips!


    I also knew something was missing when trying to come up with a subject. Always at a loss as to how to do it, writing it off as ” I’m just not creative”. Knowing how one goes about coming up with the idea or subject is just what I needed. I would now think in terms of “story”, as well.

  3. Jo Reid

    I found this very intriguing because while I’m interested in realism-technical skills & all- I felt something was missing. Now I’m going on an adventure to find my story.

  4. anna

    I found this content totally boring. Its like one of those videos that have a certain amount of time and only half of that time with content to fill. Its a bit like someone who has to talk about a toilet roll and has thirty minutes to do it.


      Your comment adds nothing to the experience for others, so why bother sharing your negative attitude just to infect others? Why not just move on if it’s not for you? Try being gracious of all that is available on this site and find what you DO like.

      • lauren sherwood

        I fully agree with you💯 and was going to comment a similar response to this unnecessary comment. I actually found this very informative as a beginner to learn a bit about each of the tools that an artist uses and why they use them! Learning foundational elements is hardly ever exciting and entertaining BUT it is highly necessary!!

  5. Soo Fink

    What a great way of breaking into two ways for one’s pursuit in art! As I go back and forth between craft and story, I am realizing what I have to focus on, which is “story” part.

  6. Beth Ann Siro

    Please be more specific about the type of mono eraser: round or resctangular? any particular brand? Thanks

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